Hi, I'm Isa, and I started this journey to healthy a while ago. There have been some ups and downs but I'm still going in the right direction! I post pictures and things that motivate me! Feel free to ask me questions, talk to me and to check out my progress!
Starting Weight: 216 lbs / 98 kgs
Current Weight: 180 lbs / 82 kgs
February, 23
February, 14
January, 14
January, 10
November, 10
October, 19
October, 18
2 kgs DOWN!!!!!

I mean, I’ve been up and down in these past few months, but I’m back on track now, and this week I lost two kgs!!! 

I hope to keep this up!!!

Another 2 this week??? I sure hope so!


January, 17
January, 05
November, 25
October, 09
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September, 10
July, 18